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       Rachel Lesinski is a graduate of Saint Louis University with undergraduate degrees in Studio Art and Political Science. Her academic pursuits focus on the political dimensions of peace, and the significance of memory and culture. Additionally, her participation in Alzheimer’s advocacy and care activism have shaped her artistic world view. She has shifted focus to her personal studio practice as she pursues a graduate degree in political science. Her interest in peace and collective memory are displayed in both her research interests and the content of her paintings.


Artist Statement 

         As an artist, feminist, and political scientist, my work is an exploration of American values through the integration of collective memory and personal narrative. Utilizing inherited images and symbols, I integrate the paradoxical tension between nostalgic perceptions of the past and idealist expectations for the future. This body of work prompts a conversation about the role of feminine experiences in the cultural zeitgeist. My work speaks to the unique optimism required for great cultural transition. 

        Utilizing traditional mediums and inherited source materials, my work speaks to the tradition of retelling archetypical stories through visual images. Text, handwriting, and the human figure are crucial components to communicate universal messages about our finite existence. The intention of this work is to initiate conversations about our hopes and anxieties for the future. 

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